residencyForge believes the best way to create transformational learning is in a relational and communal context with ongoing support and resources. Therefore, we offer a 9-month residency program that brings together a diverse group of people who begin to see themselves as missionaries in a variety of LA neighborhoods and professional networks. A resident’s every day life serves as the learning lab, or context, for missionary formation. The Forge Hollywood training helps to mature each participant as a disciple of Jesus Christ through personal relationships and action-reflection learning in a combination of one-on-one and collaborative learning environments.

The Forge Hollywood residency is for anyone interested in learning how to better live out the mission of God and the life of Jesus in his or her particular context. To learn more about our residency program, download our one page summary (coming soon).


intensivesForge Intensives exist to introduce local leaders to the missional conversation and to promote collaboration of future thinking local churches in and around Hollywood. Our past speakers have included Alan and Deb Hirsch, Brad Brisco, and Lance Ford

Intensives have addressed topics such as

  • How do we live as Christians in an increasingly post-Christian culture?
  • How do church leaders respond to the seismic shifts we see in the culture around us
  • How do we reimagine communities of faith and mission for a culture that are not interested in the forms of church that exist today?


Church.jpgForge can help provide training for local churches in paradigm shifting and equipping their congregations to think and act like missionaries. This is designed around the needs of the local church but could include leadership team retreats, Sunday teaching and vision casting, neighborhood needs assessments, and personal pastoral coaching.